This website provides an instruction manual as well as supplemental information pertaining to a simple and inexpensive procedure for manually drilled water wells. The project emerged as part of the requirements for completion of a Masters of Arts in Professional Communication with Specialization in International and Intercultural Communication from Royal Roads University.

The drilling procedure is nicknamed the “Baptist method” and was first developed by Terry Waller of Water for All International in 1993. In 2008 I had the opportunity to work with a colleague of Mr. Waller’s, Dr. Daniel Beams, who heads up the NGO Agua Yaku out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Dr. Beams suggested at the time that we begin to work on instruction videos for this method. Within two years these videos received almost 200,000 hits collectively. In the world of well drilling, this is a substantial number! It followed after this that an accessible, easy to understand instruction manual would be the logical next step in helping communicate the Baptist drilling approach.

The manual was written over the course of several months through hands-on fieldwork and consultations with Dr. Beams. It is not a “final product” as such, and will be revised as time and need permit. However, I believe that it is sufficient in providing the knowledge needed to successfully complete a well. Your comments and suggestions for improvements are welcomed. Additionally, if you require any clarification, please check out our Help Forum and leave your question to be answered. We will be sure to address your question as soon as we can.

Before proceeding with the manual, click on “Advantages & Disadvantages” above to determine if the Baptist method is in fact the best method to employ in drilling your well! Good luck!

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